Published on 02/03/2017 8:42 am
3 Most Common Types of SEO Services for Small Business

If you are hiring an SEO firm for your small business or market in order to get better rank on different SERP's like Google, Yahoo, etc then it can be an overwhelming task. It feels like taking your old car to a mechanic and listening then and listening to all the clatter sounds while making a dozen repairs. They will describe you all the problems that are occurring in different parts which you have even never heard of. Similarly before getting involved with any firm and just go through Best SEO Services Calgary  for an idea and  it's important to know about few basic SEO services like:-

  • Keyword Research: -Research based on keywords is the most prominent part of an SEO project. Before making any plan to improve the ranking of small business and gathering traffic from different SERP's, its important to know which keyword has to be targeted. Basically, every page of your domain should target at least one or two unique keywords.
  • The three factors that you should pay attention while picking a right keyword.
  • An accurate number of people that searching for that keyword in your serviced geography?
  • The keyword relevancy to the business and does it have commercial intent?
  • The competitiveness of the keyword?
  • Some of the free keywords suggestion tools available are:-
  • Free – Ubersuggest
  • Freemium – Term Explorer
  • Paid – SEMrush

2. Creation of a page: - Once you are done with keyword research, the main job of SEO Begins is to create new pages in order to rank that keyword. If you have the page which is not targeting on that keyword of your domain then your site can't rank. For the Better ranking of your page in the SERP's it important to create pages focusing on those researched keywords.

While creating pages, look to achieve the following:

  • Create long enough to be comprehensive
  • On each page unique content should be there with zero duplicity.
  • Create a page with a low bounce rate along with a better chance of ranking in the SERP's.
  • Maintain simple URLs and remember to close to the root of the domain

 3. Page Optimization: - Basically page optimization is done for search engines. Search engines are computers which require some medium to understand the content of a page. The good SEO agency will modify the content of your page along with technical underpinnings of your pages which result in Google to understand them as visitors. This type of SEO services is prominent for small business.

Just read all the above-mentioned points  and try to focus on that in order to get better ranking and in case If you still face any issues with Guest Post Submission , website designing, web development or E-commerce or having any kind of confusions or inquiry than don't worry we are here to help you. For the better idea, you can even go through Best SEO Company Toronto. Our company SEOHeights is one of the best SEO Companies that is dealing with E-commerce also with experience of around more than six years and over 100+ clients in the world.

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